Welcome to my space...

I create alot of digital arts...

Visual Art

Moving artworks
With specified representation

Digital Art

Digital art may also be known as artwork don on a computer…which comprises of different programs

Cover Art

Cover arts are knows as music covers or album covers


Daniel C. Nwabueze

Born on 8th February 1997, hail from Anambra state Nigeria, Brought up in Benue state representing the lovely and respectable Nwabueze Family. Am a well known and self trained digital artist, specialised in all kinda of art related content eg cartoon illustrations. Also the CEO and founder of NizzyArts. I graduated from Federal University of Agriculture as a physics student (B.sc). A part time photographer/retoucher at the moment. Christian by religion.

Photography 100%
Photoshop 100%
Illustrator 90%

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